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todd anthony

Soooo… while #DaJuice was behind the scenes at “STOMP THE RUNWAY”… we already knew we’d have the opportunity to converse with various models… not instantly thinking about the designers that would be in the building!! I mean…what’s a fashion show…with tons of models & no hot clothing??? Well… maybe I’m asking the wrong question here because I’m sure there are tons of viewers that would love to be in attendance at an all nude CATWALK!! LOL… But this was not the time & place! Designers played a major role in this event…which was a tribute to the beautiful VANESSA WATSON-BANKS who was tragically murdered in February.  The designers were extremely busy…just as busy if not more than the models…making sure their work was properly displayed!! This is their passion & it has to present in a way in which the designer developed the vision! Well, I only had the opportunity to catch up with 2 designers & one was Philly’s own JACQUELINE MYLES, of TODD ANTHONY CLOTHING! She’s been designing professionally for about 25 years, originally focusing on male urban clothing & later branching off to create clothing for both sexes & all affairs!! The only thing she doesn’t design is swim-wear…simply because she just doesn’t have a passion for that…however, don’t get it twisted…it’s not that she can’t do it!!! Depending on the type of attire requested, it may take anywhere from 2 days to a few weeks! #DaJuice definitely plans on giving TODD ANTHONY CLOTHING a play…since we love to rock clothing designed just for us (-:  If you’re in need of a designer for any event…JACQUELINE MYLES is highly recommended by the crew at #DaJuice… & to top it all off…she has a beautiful personality & didn’t hesitate to give me a few minutes of her time…which I really appreciated!


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TWITTER: @bigblackarm


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